Support for retail customers and handling requests

Unified quality-control system

a unified quality-control system was developed

In 2020, a unified quality-control system was developed.

  • The system covers all the processes and stages of working with requests and helps to establish the interaction of all participants in the process.
  • The activities that were carried out helped optimize the Bank's work in this area.
  • The productivity of processing customer requests was increased, namely, reducing the time and improving the quality of response preparation and increasing customer loyalty.

Intergated system of quality control consists of:

  • Centralization of all claims work in a single division
  • Process automation
  • Creating and maintaining standards for handling requests
  • Proactive work to achieve the goal
  • Quality-control training, methodology and knowledge-base building

Communication channels for clients

The development of technology, as well as the adjustments made to our daily lives by the pandemic, have led to an increase in the available opportunities for remote customer support.

  • Call center: 8 800 100 07 01 (free) and *0701 for subscribers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon, TELE2, MOTIV, Tinkoff mobile
  • Bank offices, Feedback form on the Bank's website and E-mail
  • Russian Post
  • Social networks (FB, VK, Instagram, OK, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Internet portals (,, Otzovik, irecommend, Picaboo, etc.), Geo-services (GoogleMaps, 2Gis, Y.Maps, Google Maps, etc.), mobile app stores