Financing the construction of infrastructure facilities aimed at the public good

The professionalism of the Gazprombank team in the field of infrastructure construction and public-private partnership (PPP), combined with our unique expertise and first-class experience, allow us to solve serious, socially-significant tasks – as confirmed by the relevant ratings – and ensures Gazprombank's leading market position, contributing to the sustainable development of the planet across a range of industries.

Types of activities:

  • Transport infrastructure Including the production, purchase and operation of eco-friendly transport, the development of public transport, and the creation of transport infrastructure (land, air, water).
  • Healthcare
  • Education and the social sphere including cultural facilities.
  • Waste management for all types of industries, including solid municipal waste
  • Introduction of digital technologies

Services and investment

Upon completion of the investment phase of the project, securitization is possible by issuing bonds that can be verified as financial instruments aimed at financing sustainable (including green, social) development projects.
  • Transaction structuring, financial consulting.
  • Interaction with project stakeholders (initiators, contractors, technical customers, operators, etc.).
  • Provision of financing (bank guarantees, lines of credit) for the implementation of projects.
  • Participation in the capital of special purpose vehicles.