Environmental consulting

The Environmental Projects Center, which includes professional environmental auditors, provides additional services in the following areas:

Information and consulting support for projects

designed to achieve significant environmental benefits (environmental consulting)

  • preliminary environmental assessment of the project;
  • recommendations and assistance in preparing the necessary documentation (including OCI) and, where necessary, in passing an independent environmental audit;
  • support for the customer's activities in terms of interacting with the regional departments of Rosprirodnadzor during state environmental expert assessments;
  • project analysis for requirements’ compliance for governing inclusion in the national “Ecology” project and support for regional applications to the federal executive authorities;
  • interaction with the regional authorities on mechanisms for possible financing of the region's contribution to the implementation of projects of the national “Ecology” project.

Consulting on the granting of subsidies from the federal budget for reimbursement of part of the costs

entailed in the implementation of investment projects involving the introduction of best-available technologies within the framework of the Rules approved by RF Governmental Resolution No. 541 dated April 30, 2019 (as amended by RF Governmental Resolution No. 2073 dated December 10, 2020)

  • consulting on the rules and procedures governing the granting of subsidies from the federal budget within the framework of investment projects for the implementation of BAT;
  • recommendations for the customer on the selection of investment projects and their preliminary review;
  • consulting support for the customer's activities in the preparation and execution of Application Documentation;
  • preliminary examination of Application Documentation for compliance with the established requirements;
  • Client support during the review and evaluation of documentation; consultation on reporting in accordance with the form of the RF Ministry of Finance.