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Gazprombank and the April Pharmacy Chain introduce new payment technologies through the Quick Payment System
16 August 2021

Moscow, August 16, 2021 – Gazprombank has joined the April Pharmacy Chain in launching the technological capability for consumers to pay for their product purchases with the aid of the Quick Payment System (QPS) service. The project envisions the acceptance of payments from private individuals in favor of legal entities using the QR code of the RF Central Bank’s Quick Payment System.

In order to make a payment, the shopper needs to scan the corresponding dynamic data medium (QR code), which already contains the required payment information and purchase amount. This is an important step in enhancing the shopping convenience of the April Pharmacy Chain’s customers. Since May 2021, roughly 1,000 of the chain’s pharmacies have been connected to the service. The mechanism of operation is as follows. The QR code is displayed on the screens placed in the checkout area of the pharmacies. Once the purchase has been paid, the respective funds are instantly credited to the company’s settlement account with the Bank.

As of today, the pharmacy segment lacks special programs from payment systems to lower the acquiring charge. In this connection, the QPS fee for the acceptance of non-cash payments of no more than 0.4% of the corresponding transaction amount has made it possible to significantly reduce transaction costs related to the acceptance of non-cash payments from customers.

In July 2021, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the rules for the reimbursement of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) for the fees associated with accepting payments via the QPS service. SMEs are being reimbursed for the fees they pay to lending institutions for settlements made using the QPS service from 01.07.2021 through 31.12.2021. Gazprombank was one of the first banks to join this program of the RF Ministry of Economic Development and is prepared to arrange rapid connection to the QPS service for its clients – as well as to reimburse SMEs for the associated fees within the framework of the aforementioned subsidy program.

“Gazprombank has always been at the forefront of the market in terms of embracing modern services, and the QR code payment technology is no exception. We welcome the connection of the April Pharmacy Chain to this cutting-edge payment service. For us, it marks the first large-scale QPS project in the pharmacy business, and we’re grateful to the management of the April Pharmacy Chain for choosing the Bank as their partner. We’re confident that these state support measures will facilitate the accelerated deployment of QPS digital technologies in the pharmacy business and further bolster the cost-effectiveness of implementing the service,” noted Natalia Lyakhovich, – Vice President – Center Head, Retail and Pharmaceuticals Business Relations Development Center, Gazprombank.

“Today, the socially-focused pharmacy business needs advantageous new mechanisms for making non-cash settlements with customers. At a fee of less than 0.4% of the payment amount, the QPS service makes it possible to lower drug prices for the public even further through the corresponding savings on acquiring services. Our target fee from the NPCS and partner banks is 0.1% per transaction. The measures adopted by the RF Government for the reimbursement of QPS fees mark an important step, but we’re counting on this support being expanded to include big business as well. In our chain, we instantly turn any reduction in operating costs into an advantage for our end consumers – members of our Pharma Club loyalty system. Consequently, considering our plans for the further development of the new payment mechanism, we’re projecting an increase in the percentage of payments made using QR codes out of our total volume of non-cash payments of up to 15-20% over the mid-term. That said, the active development of the QPS system will require the desire on the part of the consumers themselves to choose this particular payment method. We’re hopeful that the regulator will join forces with the banking community in becoming a driver of the further popularization of the service,” commented Vladimir Volnenko, Financial Director of the April Pharmacy Chain.

* * *


Gazprombank ranks among the TOP-3 leaders of the Russian banking sector by main volume indicators (according to INTERFAX-100. Banks of Russia) as well as among the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gazprombank provides a wide range of services to corporate and private clients. The Bank provides services to key sectors of the Russian economy – gas, oil, chemical and petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, mechanical engineering, transport, construction, communications, agro-industrial complex, trade and other industries. The Bank boasts many years of unique experience in the arrangement of project financing and placement of debt instruments on the Russian and international capital markets, the provision of financial and advisory services involving project, corporate and debt financing, as well as experience in the field of corporate investment management both in Russia and abroad.

Gazprombank’s retail business is focused on providing modern high-tech products and services. As of the beginning of 2021, the Bank was providing services to roughly 5 mln individual customers. The Bank’s retail loan portfolio as of year-end 2020 stood at more than RUB 660 bln, with a retail deposit portfolio in excess of RUB 770 bln.

The April Pharmacy Chain is one of the most technologically advanced and dynamically-developing pharmacy chains on the Russian pharmaceutical market. The company’s priority is the lowest price for medicines and convenience for the buyer. As of today, the number of pharmacies encompassed by the April Pharmacy Chain has already exceeded the mark of 2,400 pharmacies.


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