Pursuant to Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006, I hereby freely, of my own accord and on my behalf, authorize Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) (hereinafter – the Bank), location: Moscow, address of the Bank’s management bodies: 16 Nametkina st., bldg. 1, 117420, Moscow, to process my personal data specified in this application (collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, modification (updating and revision), retrieval, use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking and destruction) with/without the use of automation tools in order to process this electronic application and send/provide a reply.

Consent is provided from the date on which this application is processed and shall be valid for the period specified in the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

I have been notified that Consent to Personal Data Processing may be revoked in accordance with Part 2, Article 9 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006. In case of withdrawal of Consent for Personal Data Processing, the Bank shall be entitled to continue processing personal data without my consent if there are grounds specified in clauses 2-11, Part 1, Article 6, Part 2, Article 10 and Part 2, Article 11 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006.

I agree that the Bank may use the information contained in this electronic application to clarify the information provided in the application and inform about progress in the review of this application.

The Bank informs you that electronic communications sent via the Internet are transmitted via unsecured communication channels. The Bank shall not be liable for maintaining the confidentiality of data when they are transmitted via the Internet.

Documentary Transactions
and Trade Finance

Bank Guarantees
Bank guarantees are one of the most popular instruments to ensure proper performance of obligations due to their reliability and flexibility.

Bank GPB (JSC) issues a wide range of guarantees compliant with the current Russian law and international banking practice, such as:
  • Performance guarantees;
  • Payment guarantees; 
  • Advance repayment guarantees;
  • Customs guarantees; 
  • Tax guarantees (including those issued under the application-based VAT recovery procedure);
  • Bid bonds (tender guarantees); 
  • Loan guarantees; 
  • Share payment guarantees; 
  • Guarantees issued as counter-security in legal action/claims; 
  • Other types of guarantee obligations. 
Gazprombank also processes guarantees issued by other banks, through advising guarantees issued by Russian and foreign banks to the beneficiaries; certifies the authenticity of signatures on guarantees issued by other banks at the request of a customer and claims payments from guarantor banks at the beneficiary’s request.

The procedure used by the Bank to make a decision on issuing guarantees that have no cash coverage is similar to the loan application review procedure.  

Bank GPB (JSC) has put in place a simplified procedure to issue bank guarantees against 100% cash-collateral (coverage) placed in Bank GPB (JSC).

The Bank can also offer its long-term customers to set up a documentary credit line (limit).

Issuance fees are set on a case by case basis depending on transaction risk assessment (guarantee type; guarantee term and amount; collateral amount and its liquidity; etc.).

On all matters concerning bank guarantees (including requests to confirm a bank guarantee issued by Bank GPB (JCS) or its branch office) please call:

+7 (495) 983-17-60,
+7 (495) 913-79-94,
+7 (495) 989-91-75,
Gazprombank Call Center: + 7 495 428 50 05

In case a written confirmation of a bank guarantee issue is required, please address your letter of inquiry to Bank GPB (JSC) Head Office or to the relevant branch office.
Letters of Credit
Letters of credit are the most effective and secure payment methods for both parties to a commercial transaction (contract).

Gazprombank provides a wide range of services related to documentary credits (including standby letters of credits) in accordance with international and Russian practice, handles sophisticated and complex structured transactions by using letters of credit (LCs) as a trade finance instrument that allows the Bank to finance foreign trade contracts for its customers, including financing secured through the assistance of foreign financial institutions. 

In relation to documentary credits, Gazprombank: 
  • Issues and acts as nominated bank under LCs of any form, type and structure, in both foreign currency and Russian rubles;
  • Issues LCSs with a collateral other than cash collateral (given that the relevant documentary credit limits set by the Bank); 
  • Advises (notifies) customers of any LCs opened in their favor and amendments thereto with or without adding confirmation; 
  • Offers consultations on preparing documents for payment under LCs from other issuing banks and monitors payments;
  • Transfers letters of credit; 
  • Assigns proceeds under letters of credit; 
  • Provides other services, such as drafting payment terms for customer contracts, and preparing LC drafts for negotiation with their counterparty.
The procedure used by the Bank to make a decision on issuance of documentary credit without cash collateral is similar to the loan application review procedure. 

Bank GPB (JSC) can also offer its long-term customers to set up a documentary credit line (limit).

For more detailed information, please contact us at:

+7 (495) 983-17-60
+7 (495) 287-61-00 
ext. 2-15-37
+7 (495) 287-61-00 
ext. 2-16-10
Gazprombank Call Center: + 7 495 428 50 05

Documentary Collection

The collection form of settlements is recommended in case of:
  • Trust relationship between the Buyer and the Seller;
  • Confidence in the Buyer’s ability to execute payment.
Bank GPB (JSC) handles import and export documentary collection operations, acting in accordance with the instructions of the customer or correspondent banks in order to obtain payment and/or acceptance from the drawee or to deliver documents against payment and/or acceptance. Documentary collections are subject to ICC Uniform Rules for Collection (UCR522).

For more detailed information, please contact us at:

+7 (495) 287-61-00 
ext. 2-15-37
+7 (495) 287-61-00 
ext. 2-16-10
Gazprombank Call Center: + 7 495 428 50 05

Trade Finance

Bank GPB (JSC) offers a wide range of Trade Finance products for corporate customers.

The key distinguishing features of Trade Finance is its “tied” nature, i.e. transactions are “tied” to a foreign trade contract. Another characteristic feature is the competitive financing terms due to the inherently lower-risk nature of Trade Finance.

Products for importers:

  • Issuance of import Letters of Credit (LCs), including Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs), confirmed by a foreign bank. At the request of its customers, Gazprombank issues LCs in favor of their foreign counterparties and arranges for confirmation of the abovementioned LCs by its correspondent banks acceptable to the beneficiaries;
  • Short- and medium-term financing of customers’ imports by extending deferred payment under import LCs. Gazprombank issues LCs on behalf of its customers and pays to Beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the LC against presentation of documents at its own expense, granting a period of deferred payment to the customers..;

Products for exporters:

  • Pre-export financing (with a repayment tenor of up to 1-2 years) of customers’ export contracts*;
  • Confirmation of export LCs, including SBLCs, issued by foreign correspondent banks in favor of Gazprombank’s customers;
  • Post-financing of export LCs issued in favor of Gazprombank’s customers. Financing is provided to foreign banks issuing the LCs within the documentary credit limits established by Gazprombank for counterparty banks;
  • Discounting of deferred payment LCs issued by foreign banks in favour of Gazprombank’s customers under export contracts. Gazprombank makes  early payments under LCs in favour оf its customers upon their request before the originally scheduled deferred payment date. Transactions are executed within credit limits set by Gazprombank for issuing banks.

The above mentioned operations may be structured with the borrower’s direct risk as well as using official export support structures. Such instruments of government export support often make it possible for Gazprombank to offer more competitive pricing terms and longer financing tenors, in particular for exports of Russian goods and services to emerging markets.

Guarantees against counter-guarantees:

  • Issuance of guarantees against Gazprombank’s counter-guarantees. At the request of its customers, the Bank acts as counter-guarantor and arranges issuance of correspondent banks’ guarantees in favor of its customers’ counterparties under contracts and tenders;
  • Issuance of Gazprombank’s guarantees against correspondent banks’ counter-guarantees. Guarantees are issued in favor of the Bank’s customers, whereas their counterparties under contracts or tenders act as principals.

For more detailed information, please contact us at:

+7 (495) 983-18-46
+7 (495) 673-90-78
+7 (499) 673-90-80
Gazprombank Call Center: + 7 495 428 50 05

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