Friendly Office

Friendly Office is focused on the Bank’s relations with its employees, on reducing stress in the workplace and on the creation of a favorable working environment. Friendly Office is intended to complement and extend the current human resource policy of the Bank and seeks to ensure the personal and professional development of the individual, promote gender equality and provide equal opportunity for all, whilst at the same time eliminating any forms of discrimination. It also provisions the introduction of a system of social support for those employees who find themselves in difficulties or need medical assistance.

Health and safety at work

The Bank is committed to implementing a complex of measures intended to ensure the health and safety of its employees. These include compliance with statutory provisions relating, among other things, to the number of hours worked and the provision of training courses in health and safety at work. The Bank is also committed to the regular assessment of staff working conditions, the automation of manual working procedures and the introduction, wherever possible, of state-of-the-art technology.

Social benefits

up to 90%
An increase in employee satisfaction of up to 90% by the year 2030

The Bank offers its employees both voluntary medical insurance (VMI) and an accident and illness insurance scheme.

The VMI scheme includes the provision of paid medical services and financial assistance both during pregnancy and immediately following childbirth.

In addition, employees are already provided with round-the-clock access to the Telemedicine service staffed by specialists qualified to treat a wide range of health-related issues.

The Bank provides material assistance to employees with large families, those raising children alone and those raising children registered with a disability, as well as offering flexible working schedules to employees who have applied for and been granted parental leave.

In respect of pensions, the Bank provides employees with the option of contributing to a non-state pension scheme, should they wish to do so.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

up to 90%
An increase in employee engagement of up to 90% by the year 2030

The Bank is committed to supporting the physical and mental well-being of its staff. Employees are encouraged to keep in shape by participating in the range of sporting activities provided by the Bank. Likewise, the Bank organizes help sessions for those in need of psychological support. The Bank’s administrative offices are equipped with canteen facilities offering a healthy range of dietary options.

Inclusiveness of the Bank’s administrative offices, retail outlets and digital environment

Increasing the inclusiveness of the Bank’s ATMs up to 90% and retail offices up to 100% by 2030

The Bank adheres to the principle of equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, ethnicity or any other individual characteristic. This principle is enshrined in the Code of Corporate Ethics established by the Bank.

In carrying out our activities, we strive to ensure that our services are accessible to all customers, including the elderly and those suffering from limited mobility or other types of physical disability. The Bank’s standards of service are established based on the peculiarities of each and every category of customer and employees regularly undergo training courses in order to equip them with the skills necessary to effectively interact with the customer.

The Bank is committed to increasing the accessibility of its services and is continuously working to update its stock of self-service terminals. The aim is to achieve a digitally-inclusive environment, responsive to the needs of customers with limited mobility, visual impairment or any other type of handicap.