Education and Training

Education and Training focuses on the creation of internal corporate programs covering such topics as health and safety at work, the environment and social development. These include tutorials and practical workshops designed to introduce staff to the various aspects of sustainable development and measures, including training courses aimed at raising the level of awareness of environmental and social responsibility.

Broadening the reach of educational programs

An increase in the total number of participants of up to 4000 people per annum by the year 2030

All employees of the Bank are given access to a wide range of training programs aimed at developing both vocational and contemporary workplace skills, strengthening personal and leadership qualities and improving teamwork.

Special attention is given to the development of a common body of knowledge in the field of sustainable development. The Bank attempts to convey the importance of the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) agenda – and the social, environmental and managerial responsibilities based upon it – to as wide a range of employees and customers as possible and is likewise committed to propagating such information in face-to-face, online or hybrid formats to its partners and customers depending on the audience and goals of each particular event.

Promotion of the sustainable development agenda and development of an eco-culture among the Bank’s employees and other concerned parties

up to 20%
Increasing the number of stands re-used at external events by up to 20% by the year 2030

The Bank seeks to engage its employees in the sustainable development agenda by hosting environmental, sports, cultural and other socially-responsible events, as well as volunteer initiatives.

Reducing negative impacts on the environment, climate and society when conducting or participating in external events

up to 20%
Increasing the number of stands re-used at external events by up to 20% by the year 2030

External events are those promotional activities carried out by the Bank in premises and at locations not owned by the Bank. These include charity and educational events, exhibitions, forums, image conferences and volunteer initiatives.

When hosting or participating in external events, the Bank takes great pains to reduce the negative impact of its activities on the environment, climate and society by continually recovering, storing and reusing as much material and equipment as possible. In addition, wherever possible, recycled materials and/or environmentally-friendly products are used in the construction of exhibition structures and stands. The advertising materials and promotional souvenirs used by the Bank are normally sourced from organizations providing employment opportunities for those suffering from mental or physical disabilities.