Actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19

The back-up system to manage business processes and personnel was put in place over the first three weeks:

  • Remote working arrangements introduced for over 10 000 people

  • Flexible organizational environment and personnel management system put in place

  • Online communications and information support for employees launched across all digital channels (messengers, email, portal, sms, etc.)

  • PPE package provided to employees at unprecedented speed and scale

  • In-house team set up to respond to epidemiologic emergencies and arrange COVID-19 tests

  • Remuneration of the employees whose presence in the office is essential increased by 15%.

During the pandemic the Bank launched an internal transportation service (car sharing pool, employee grouping, etc.) for the employees to avoid the use of public transport.

Training programs migrated online: unprecedented number of 24 000 employees was covered only in the period from March to June 2020.