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Investment Solutions

Gazprombank Private Banking has all the necessary resources and infrastructure to manage investments and offers capital-protected structured products, customized fiduciary management accounts, mutual funds, and Eurobonds.

Gazprombank also provides its customers with brokerages service on the stock market and the OTC market.

Customers who require bank services in Europe can take advantage of our Luxembourg subsidiary.

For more detailed information on investment products and services, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900.


Gazprombank Private Banking has developed special bank deposits to enable its customers to place private funds on flexible terms.

For more detailed information on deposits, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900.

Bank cards

Gazprombank Private Banking offers its customers bank cards issued by such renowned international payment systems as Mastercard, Visa, JCB, CUP and national payment system MIR, the financial opportunities and privileges of which are tailored to meet customers’ most exacting requirements. In addition, cardholders can be awarded Aeroflot bonus miles or use cash back to make purchases in airport business lounges all over the world, apply for a high overdraft limit, take out insurance for trips abroad, or benefit from concierge services and other special deals offered by the Bank’s affiliated partners* 

*Service terms are set out in the tariffs and depend on the specific service package and type of card selected by the customer. 

For more detailed information on bank cards, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900

Insurance solutions

Insurance options aim to solve a number of different tasks concurrently, first and foremost to provide families with financial protection against unanticipated events, targeted transfer of capital, monitoring health condition, arranging regular annuities, capital-protected investment, etc.

Experts of Gazprombank Private Banking have a profound understanding of HNWI needs, and for this reason they are capable of picking just the right insurance option for affluent customers.

For more detailed information on insurance solutions, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900

Lending and financing

Gazprombank Private Banking offers a broad range of retail lending solutions to meet customer needs and expectations.

For more detailed information on the terms of lending, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900

Artwork investment
For those who are interested in investing in the art market, have purchased or received works of art by way of inheritance, Gazprombank provides the opportunity to tap into the experience of world-class experts when creating a collection or appraising the value of a collection, executing transactions and funding operations involving works of art. Gazprombank ensures top-notch convenience, safety and confidentiality when performing all such operations.

 For more detailed information on artwork investment, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900.
Non-financial services
Gazprombank Gazprom Private Banking offers its customer a broad range of non-financial services and benefit packages provided by our partners to make your life more comfortable. These include:

  • Payment system benefits
  • Concierge service
  • Legal and tax advisory services
  • Partner program offering discounts and benefits
  • Invitations to private cultural, social and sports events
  • Educational programs for children and adults
For more detailed information on non-financial services, please contact your personal manager or call:
+7 (495) 719-1900.
Personal manager
A personal manager is selected to guide the customers of Gazprombank Private Banking through the bank’s broad array of products and services. 

His/her task involves not only being the customer’s capital management advisor, but also a personal assistant when it comes to solving such financial issues as: payment of bills, currency exchange, performing bank card transactions, or taking out loans. 

To arrange a meeting with a personal manager at your convenience, please call: 
+7 (495) 719-1900.

Products and services
Products and services
Facts and figures
Capital management experience
19 years
Average work experience of employees
10 years
Growth of the investment portfolios managed by Private Banking
34 %
Russia and Luxembourg
2 jurisdictions
Geographical footprint in Russia
13 regions
Customers in Moscow and the regions
over 5,000
08 01 08/01/2019 05:54:24 pm Gazprombank Private Banking Issues Children’s Cards for Grown-Up Solutions

Starting August 1 Gazprombank Private Banking offers its customers a new product as part of the Heirs family-focused project, which features a range of Platinum category Mastercard and VISA banking cards for children and teenagers. 

Gazprombank Private Banking’s children’s cards are simple in use and a simple and user-friendly tool designed to help new cardholders become acquainted with classic banking services. The product targets two age groups: children aged 6-14 (Junior Heirs tariff) and teenagers over 14-year-old (Teens Heirs tariff). 

Major benefits of the children's cards are:
  • 15% cashback on purchases in iTunes media player, bookstores and gift shops, as well as movie, theater and museum tickets;
  • SOGAZ insurance program covering amateur and professional sports;
  • privileges from Gazprombank Private Banking’s partners and payment systems. 

The cards are issued as an addition to the parent’s account. The bank ensures maximum security for all children’s expenses: 
  • limits on purchases and cash withdrawals (per day/month);
  • on request, text messaging can be connected to the phone of the child and parent; 
  • linking cards to a safe Internet payment system (3D-secure technology) and to an automated transaction monitoring system.

Moreover, Gazprombank Private Banking offers its young customers the choice of three optional card designs based on the ideas of the participants in the School of Financial Literacy who were engaged in the Heirs project. Each of three concepts - Outer Space, Heraldry and Values - is disclosed through visual images, which are captured directly in cards or in the original packaging. 

For more information about children’s cards, please contact your personal manager. 

07 19 07/19/2019 05:09:00 pm Stage one of Gazprombank Private Banking Golf Tournament 2019
June 23 marked the beginning of the first stage of the Gazprombank Private Banking Golf Tournament in Luxembourg.  This event has been held for four years in a row and is becoming increasingly popular.  Over the years, tournaments have taken place in Spain, Cyprus, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

This year, the venue for the tournament was the Kikuoka Country Club in Luxembourg, an 18-hole championship golf course, where many national and international competitions are held, including the European Tour stage of the PGA Challenge Tour. 

Aside from the golf tournament per se, the guests had chance to take part in an action-packed three-day program, including sightseeing around the city, lunches and dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as a boat ride on the Moselle River to Schengen village along the route of the Princess Marie-Astrid ship, where the Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985, and tasting local wines. 

Gazprombank Private Banking weekend in Luxembourg was timed to coincide with a public holiday – the Grand Duke’s Official Birthday. The guests had the opportunity to attend a large military parade, which was visited by the entire royal family, take part in evening festivities, see the traditional torchlight show, dance programs and an amazing salute accompanied by music. Some guests discovered for the first time one of the smallest state in Europe, which nevertheless has vast business potential and is one of the world's financial centers.

On the day of the tournament, the weather was great, the club’s atmosphere was cordial, and over a space of two days the guests had time to meet and find common interests, aside from golf. After the traditional snapshots taken at the event, the golfers separated to tee off, and the competitive part of the event got under way. As for the guests who had their first experience with the world of golf, a golf academy was opened, where seasoned instructors helped those who wanted to take their first steps in this sport. All the others had chance to participate in a whole series of entertainment, ranging from master classes in croquet and archery, making female accessories, to tasting Luxembourg Rieslings and Cremants, Torcedor show and much more.

This eventful day ended with a gala dinner in honor of the tournament attendees. All together honored the winners who showed the best results in play. Also, the youngest guest, who was only four months old, and the oldest participant of the tournament, a 77-year-old golfer, were also awarded mementos.

 “Golf is more than sport, it’s a lifestyle. We share the values and hobbies of our customers. Such events make it possible to socialize in a friendly atmosphere, which helps people understand each other even better. The customers themselves are happy to get to know each other and find new partners. Golf and business are organically combined. You can get to know a person quite well during five hours of play. Moreover, we achieve specific business goals: we strengthen informal ties between personal managers and customers, maintain awareness of the Bank offers, boost the loyalty of existing ones and attract new customers. No meeting in the office can produce such an effect. It has long been known that many multi-million-dollar contracts are sealed on the golf course. 

The legendary golfer Tiger Woods once remarked that the hardest thing in golf is “to feel a childlike joy during the game”. We believe that Gazprombank Private Banking tournaments allow us to experience these emotions, which ultimately serve to strengthen mutually beneficial trust relationships between the Bank and our customers”, commented Sergey Potapeyko, Head of the Private Banking Department.

These events were held with support of Bank GPB International S.A. and Mastercard. 

Bank GPB International S.A. was established in Luxembourg in 2013 and is focused on large corporate and private customers serving, as well as rolling out financial and investment banking services of the Gazprombank Group in EU countries and global financial markets.
The Michelin Red Guide (in French – ‘Michelin, Le Guide Rouge’), sometimes also referred to as the Red Guide is currently the most famous and influential taste maker for the world’s best restaurants. The first guide was released in 1900 by André Michelin, a co-founder of Michelin.

04 16 04/16/2019 01:00:00 pm Gazprombank Private Banking Takes Part in Adam Smith Institute Summit

The 9th International Wealth Management & Private Banking Summit – Russia & CIS, organized by Adam Smith Conferences, was held in Moscow on April 10-11, 2019.

The conference was attended by key players of the private banking industry: heads of private banks and family offices who work with high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and ultra- high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) in Russia, Switzerland, the UK, and other jurisdictions, as well as experts on taxation and legal issues.

Participants discussed the automatic exchange of information with other countries, the processes of deoffshorization and capital amnesty, changes in tax legislation, while devoting attention to the programs of citizenship, digitalization in the private banking industry and security issues in the digital space.

In keeping with tradition, a separate breakout session was devoted to the “fathers and children” theme – the young generation of wealth holders and inheritance planning tools and the role of philanthropic projects in the life of an affluent family.

Sergey Potapeyko, Vice President – Head of Gazprombank’s Private Banking Business, took part in the discussion of private banking representatives of the largest Russian and Western banks. Bankers exchanged opinions, discussed the difference between the Western and Russian approach to working with customers, automating processes, the relevance of consulting and concierge services, and nuances involved in working with different generations of a customer's family.

Sergey Potapeyko pointed out: “In the modern world, where almost any new idea is instantly copied, and the product and lifestyle solutions in the private banking of leading banks differ slightly, service quality and the emotional component come to the fore. When a customer, who has just entered the bank, makes contact not only with a manager who cheerfully passes on the rates and commissions, but also meets an interesting and mindful person who understands economics, navigates the news flow, and knows what will be useful for this particular customer – then very positive emotions spring from working with the bank. If the bank also timely informs the customer of any regulatory changes, provides assistance in executing top-quality real estate deals, invites the customer to the best cultural events and introduces his/her children to financial literacy in the format of a private club – then positive emotions turn into a good habit. At this point, the customer remains seriously committed to the bank for a long time. Therefore, in the private banking segment it is of utmost importance to consistently invest in the development of human capital. In our business, technology can be bought and implemented quickly enough, whereas finding a strong and experienced private banker is no easy matter. ”

04 12 04/12/2019 01:37:00 pm Priceless Moments Together with Gazprombank Private Banking

Mastercard, in partnership with Gazprombank Private Banking, is pleased to invite you to take part in the Precious Moments promotion.

From April 15 to June 30, 2019, pay for purchases with Gazprombank World Elite Masterсard® Prime and get the chance to win one of the prizes from Mastercard, the official sponsor of the Venice Film Festival: a trip for two to the Venice Film Festival 2019, including business class airfare, accommodation in a five-star hotel from September 4 to 6, 2019, and a festival ticket with a red carpet walkway on September 5, or 6 invitation tickets to the VIP box of the Bolshoi Theater, dedicated especially for you and your guests, to the legendary Nutcracker Ballet ahead of the New Year. Priceless impressions await you!

 Ask your personal manager for more details about the organizer and terms of this promotion.

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