Pursuant to Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006, I hereby freely, of my own accord and on my behalf, authorize Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) (hereinafter – the Bank), location: Moscow, address of the Bank’s management bodies: 16 Nametkina st., bldg. 1, 117420, Moscow, to process my personal data specified in this application (collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, modification (updating and revision), retrieval, use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking and destruction) with/without the use of automation tools in order to process this electronic application and send/provide a reply.

Consent is provided from the date on which this application is processed and shall be valid for the period specified in the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

I have been notified that Consent to Personal Data Processing may be revoked in accordance with Part 2, Article 9 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006. In case of withdrawal of Consent for Personal Data Processing, the Bank shall be entitled to continue processing personal data without my consent if there are grounds specified in clauses 2-11, Part 1, Article 6, Part 2, Article 10 and Part 2, Article 11 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006.

I agree that the Bank may use the information contained in this electronic application to clarify the information provided in the application and inform about progress in the review of this application.

The Bank informs you that electronic communications sent via the Internet are transmitted via unsecured communication channels. The Bank shall not be liable for maintaining the confidentiality of data when they are transmitted via the Internet.

Settlement and Cash Services

Opening and Maintaining Bank Accounts

Once a company (resident or non-resident of the Russian Federation) has opened an account with Gazprombank, it will gain access to the full set of our state-of-the-art financial services. At your request, the Bank can timely perform various cash management transactions in rubles or foreign currencies (given that the Bank holds correspondent accounts in these currencies):

  • Opening and closing settlement, current, transit and other accounts; 
  • Performing non-cash payments; 
  • Conversion operations (a flexible discount accumulation system is available);
  • Issue and receipt of cash. 

Advantages of Gazprombank services:

  • Instructions for conducting transactions are accepted on paper and via the Internet using the online Client-Bank System; 
  • Gazprombank’s wide branch network ensures rapid execution of customer settlements; 
  • A broad correspondent network provides settlements in all major currencies. 

Procedure for opening an account: 

  • It will be necessary to review the Rules for Opening, Re-issuing and Closing Accounts, which will help you correctly compile the required set of documents; 
  • Fill in the necessary documents for opening a bank account, which can be found in the Documents and Rates section for the respective group of clients; 
  • Submit the prepared set of documents to a specialized subsidiary office of the Bank (for Moscow), that offers services to corporate customers.

To clarify the applicable category of services and rates for settlement and cash services in the Bank's branches, you are kindly requested to contact the appropriate branch.

Under the relevant federal law, you can sign up for an interim current account number using the Online Legal Entity Account. 

Conversion Operations
  • Execution of conversion operations in all currency pairs
  • Performing operations with any value dates, including forward dates
  • Transacting today settlements until 16:30 Moscow time

Gazprombank advises its customers to perform conversion operations using the GPB-Dealing trading information platform.

For technical support issues or to receive advice on how to use the system, please call 8-800-100-1189, or send an email to

Client-Bank System
Electronic document management using the Client-Bank System is far more convenient compared to conventional document paper-based management.
All you need to do is install the necessary software on your computer once to take full advantage of electronic document management.

The Client-Bank System allows the Bank’s customers to:
  • Use a wide range of electronic payment and reference documents;
  • Rapidly submit electronic documents to Gazprombank, regardless of how far away the customer is; 
  • Receive daily account statements;
  • Receive debit and credit attachments to statements stamped by Gazprombank;
  • Upon request, receive cash flow data on the account with full payment details; 
  • Receive and submit electronic documents as messages and free format files signed by electronic signature;
  • Receive reference information from Gazprombank; 
  • Upload electronic documents to the system to be sent to Gazprombank from their accounting systems;
  • Download electronic statements from Gazprombank’s system to their accounting systems.
Gazprombank pays special attention to maintaining transaction security. Therefore, when using the Client-Bank System, the most advanced facilities are used to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all transmitted information.
For companies with a branch network and holding structures, Gazprombank offers electronic document management services with enhanced functionality, taking into account the specific features of their business architecture

Connecting to the Client-Bank System 

1. To connect to the Client-Bank System, the Customer should adhere to the Agreement on the provision of standard electronic document management services.
2. The Bank provides electronic document management services using the Client-Bank System pursuant to the following conditions:
    2.1. The conditions whereby Bank GPB (JSC) provides standard electronic document management services using the Client-Bank.WEB System – a centralized system with thin client technology and Client access via WEB interface, or
    2.2. The conditions whereby Bank GPB (JSC) provides standard electronic document management services using the BSS Client-Bank System, version 3.1. Service Code KB-2 (connection to the KB-2 Service is required in cases where the Customer plans to use the Corporate Settlement Center).
3. After reviewing the Agreement specified in item 1 herein and the Conditions referred to in item 2, the Customer should fill out two copies of the Declaration of Acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in the agreement for the provision of standard electronic document management services and one copy of the Customer’s Connection Request.
4. A prerequisite for the provision of standard electronic document management services is the Customer's adherence to the Regulations of the Gazprombank Certification Center.
For the Client-Bank system, the Customer should fill in one copy of the Declaration of Acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in the Regulations of the Gazprombank Certification Center.
For the Client-Bank.WEB system, the Customer adheres to the Regulations when signing applications for certification of the electronic signature keys generated in the Client-Bank.WEB System after it is installed at the Customer’s workplace.
5. The Customer submits the forms filled out in accordance with items 3 and 4 to the Bank.
6. The Customer’s connection is completed once the Customer and the Bank sign two copies of the Client's Willingness to Work form.
7. When working in the Client-Bank/Client-Bank.WEB system, the Customer should comply with the Recommendations on Maintaining Information Security in the Client-Bank/Client-Bank.WEB System.

Set of documents for connection to the Client-Bank.WEB System
Set of documents for connection to the BSS Client-Bank System, version 3.15. Service Code KB-2

Information Protection Measures When Using the Client-Bank System 

Dear customers,

In light of increasing attempts by fraudsters to conduct fraudulent transactions using account details to work in Client-Bank Systems via the Internet, the Security Service of Bank GPB (OJSC) hereby advises you to pay special attention to the following organizational and technical measures and the rules for handling key information that you use when working in the Client-Bank System:

1. When you first log in to the Client-Bank System, be sure to change the password that was given to you by your administrator and that is known only to you, according to the instructions attached to the Client-Bank distribution kit.
2. Change your password regularly, at least once every 50 days. Make sure that the length of your password is at least eight characters, and note that the password should consist of numbers, as well as upper and lower case letters of the English alphabet. We strongly discourage you from using routine passwords (for example, first names, last names, phone numbers, year of birth, etc.).
3. Do not disclose your Client-Bank System password to anyone, even if your colleagues and/or people who introduce themselves as Bank employees contact you with such a request. Remember, our employees will never ask you to give out this information. If you assume that your password to the Client-Bank System has been compromised (it was seen by someone, you said it out loud and/or recorded it in a notebook that you lost), immediately change the password to a new one, known only to yourself, meeting the requirements of Section 2 herein. Do not send files containing key information required to operate the Client-Bank System by email, except when you are requested to provide a certificate and public keys.
4. If someone has asked you to provide a password to the Client-Bank System, follow the recommendations set out in Section 3 and immediately notify the Security Service of Bank GPB (JSC) about this instance by telephone at any time of the day or night in Moscow: 8-495-988-2400 and/or send an email to:
5. Key information (the private key of the electronic digital signature for operations in the Client-Bank System) should be stored on a removable storage device (floppy disk, USB flash drive, USB eToken keys). Putting key information on the hard disk of the computer on which the Client-Bank System is installed significantly increases the risk of unauthorized access to it by third parties.
6. Removable storage devices containing key information should be used only by the holder of the key information certificate, or by a person authorized to use this removable storage device and should be kept in a place that is not accessible to third parties (safe, sealed box, lockable metal box).
7. The removable device containing key information should be inserted into a reader only for the time required to execute a payment or exchange transaction with the Bank. Placing removable storage devices in the reader for a long time significantly increases the risk of unauthorized access to key information by third parties.
8. It is not recommended to save other information on the removable storage device used to store key information about the Client-Bank System.
9. In order to control suspicious outgoing and incoming traffic, a computer equipped with a Client-Bank System must be protected from external access by software or a hardware firewall. Software firewalls should prevent information from being sent to the Internet by programs that do not have the appropriate authority. 
10. On a computer with the Client-Bank System installed by the customer:
  • Passwords must be set to user accounts of the operating system that meet the requirements set out in Section 2;
  • Only licensed software should be installed;
  • Licensed antivirus software must be installed with regularly updated antivirus databases; 
  • All services and processes of the Windows operating system that are not used for communication with the Bank should be disabled (including remote administration and management services, network access services, C drives, etc.);
  • Operating system updates should be installed regularly;
  • Access (physical and/or remote) to the computer by any third parties who are not authorized to work in the Client-Bank System should be excluded;
  • The information security event registration subsystem must be activated; 
  • The automatic screen lock should be turned on after the employee in charge leaves the workplace. 
11. It is highly recommended not to choose a portable computer (laptop) as a workstation for the Client-Bank System. If you do choose a laptop, try not to connect the laptop to public networks in places where there is free Internet access (Internet cafes, hotels, office centers, etc.). , and to store key information, If possible, use USB tokens to store key information and install additional passwords (PIN codes) on the keys (files containing keys).
12. In case of transfer (debit, issuance) to third parties of a desktop computer (laptop) on which the Client-Bank System was previously installed, it will be necessary to ensure that all information, the use of which by third parties could potentially harm financial activity or image of your organization, is removed from it, including traces of work in the Client-Bank System.
13. If, in the course of work, you face a situation when the valid password does not work and does not allow you to log on to the Client-Bank System, or a computer with the Client-Bank System installed by the customer suddenly fails (no access, it is impossible to log in, errors occur when loading the operating system, etc.), immediately notify the Security Department of Bank GPB (OJSC) about this by calling the telephone number listed in Section 4.

Cash Management

Bank GPB (JSC) offers an advanced range of cash settlement and information services, jointly referred to as Cash Management, and intended primarily for customers with an extensive network of branches, subsidiaries and remote business units. Moreover, it is possible to connect any business unit of a group of companies to this service, regardless of their geographical location, including branches and subsidiaries that are standalone legal entities.

Cash Management is a set of services designed to effectively perform settlements and manage bank account balances, allowing you to monitor external and internal financial flows of a holding structure and achieve the following goals:

  • Obtain additional income by optimizing the management of the consolidated funds of a group of companies;
  • Rapidly obtain information on the current liquidity of a group of companies;
  • Management of current assets in a prompt and timely manner;
  • Close cash flow gaps;
  • Reduce the need for additional funding;
  • Optimize interest income/expenses;
  • Cut operating expenses and simplify daily financial accounting within a group of companies;
  • The ability to conduct analytical accounting and comparative analysis of business and financial activity on the basis of actual data.

Cash Management products are user-friendly and automated to the greatest possible extent, which significantly reduces the time and financial costs of the operational process, reduces the likelihood of technical errors and personnel errors when payments are made.

Cash Management solutions can be tailored to any financial and management structure, do not require complex software and hardware, while offering a high degree of security and information protection.

An additional advantage of Bank GPB (JSC) in the sale of Cash Management products is the wide regional branch network of the Bank, which makes it possible to provide these services in all regions where Bank GPB (JSC) has a footprint.

Corporate Settlement Center

The Corporate Settlement Center (CSC) is a service based on the Client-Bank System, which is a set of information tools for operations control and cash flow management, accelerated exchange of information and financial flows through centralized management decision-making.

The service involves several different levels of application, depending on the required degree of centralization of treasury functions and the current managerial and financial needs of the Customer:

Financial Monitoring

Direct access of the head office to all (or a selected) payment transactions of a group of companies in real time, i.e. monitoring of all payment documents of a group of companies, prompt information on payments, cash flow control and the ability to quickly make management decisions on their adjustment.

Preliminary Control of Debit Transactions

Payment document authorization is an additional preliminary control feature which allows the head office of a group to make a real-time decision on the execution/rejection of current payment of a branch or subsidiary. Flexible system settings make it possible to customize the automatic or semi-automatic decision-making mode on the execution/rejection of payments according to specified criteria, for example, in relation to the approved spending limits of the cash flow budget.

Budget Control

In addition to adjusting the financial flows and managing the current liquidity of the group, the Corporate Settlement Center service provides an opportunity to monitor the execution of the internal corporate budget. At the same time, management of line item contents and budget limits is carried out by the Customer, and it becomes available to all divisions (and holding companies) in real time.

The information support system of the Corporate Settlement Center service makes it possible to generate reports with planned/actual budget indicators in a convenient form and on the basis of reliable data.

Physical Cash Pooling

Consolidation of funds and financing of bank accounts to ensure payments to pooling members (Physical Cash Pooling).

This service enables centralized management of cash balances for all accounts of a group of companies and is efficient mainly for companies with a centralized financial strategy and a single control center.

Physical cash pooling is based on actual cash transfers between the accounts of the pooling participants into one account (the Master Account), which, in turn, is used to secure payments made by the pooling participants. On a daily basis, the Bank will automatically transfer cash balances from the pooling participants' accounts into the Master Account. If a pooling participant’s account does not have a sufficient balance to make a payment, the Master Account can be used in order to execute payment documents of the pooling participants that have been accepted by the Head Office.

All cash flows between the Master Account and pooling participants will be reported in daily statements. 

Notional cash pooling

Offset of overdraft debt with consolidated balances in accounts of legal entities forming a group of companies (Notional Cash Pooling).

This service makes it possible to manage inter-group liquidity by offsetting interest payments. Under this model, there is no actual cash transfer between the accounts of the various pooling participants.

The Notional Cash Pooling model provides for offset of interest expenses of companies that are pooling participants for the use of funds borrowed as a result of overdrafts on settlement accounts. 

On a daily basis, the Bank will automatically calculate the liquidity position for all pooling participants, i.e. it will calculate total debit and credit balances in the pooling participants’ accounts. 

A high interest rate is accrued on the part of the total credit balance, whereas standard interest is charged on the debit balance for the use of overdraft.

Transfer of Funds from Individuals

Transfer of funds from accounts of individuals or legal entities (payers) to the Customer’s account in compliance with a Cash Collection Agreement.  

As a leading Russian bank in the area of settlement services, Gazprombank offers a vast geographical coverage and an extensive client base to its customers, especially those with a large number of individual payers.

Main advantages: 

  • Payments from individuals are wired to the Customer’s account no later than the next business day after the payment document is received;
  • Information on payments is received from individuals, with the payer’s ID provided;
  • Ability to select how the Bank's commission is charged (at the payer or the Customer’s expense);
  • Option to request and receive interim information about the receipt of funds using the electronic document management system.

Identification of Incoming Payments

Identification of incoming payments using a unique payment ID.

This service provides for the use of a new scheme for crediting funds on the basis of settlement documents compiled using ID numbers.

The service allows Customers to:

  • Establish with certainty the ID of the counterparty/debtor;
  • Expedite the processing of daily financial information (statements) received from the Bank;
  • Reduce the operating costs of processing banking information through 100% automation of the process;
  • Encode both the debtor and a specific document;
  • Conduct additional analytics depending on the coding depth.

As an attachment to the daily statement, the Bank provides the Customer with an additional report on funds received from counterparties with indication of their ID numbers.

Contact information

We look forward to addressing any questions you may have and starting the process of connecting you to this service. 

For more details, call:

+7 (495) 989-9115
+7 (495) 983-1726
+7 (495) 913-7979

Foreign Exchange Transactions

Gazprombank is a leading Russian bank in the area of international settlements and foreign exchange transactions.

The Bank offers an extensive range of services aimed at supporting foreign trade contracts.

The Bank’s experts can provide free advice, assist in choosing the best possible form of payment, thereby essentially eliminating all risks in foreign trade transactions.

Gazprombank has stable relations with credit institutions in many countries of the world, thus ensuring the execution of transactions in major convertible currencies and currencies of multiple developing countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The Bank has established correspondent relations with all leading foreign and Russian banks.

Gazprombank performs a full range of documentary transactions, as well as foreign trade finance operations