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Financing Solutions


Gazprombank offers its customers a wide choice of long-term and short-term financing options. The professionalism, experience and capabilities of a large and dynamic bank work for the benefit of our customers, which include the country’s leaders in various industries.

Gazprombank has provided loans, leasing programs and project financing to upgrade production facilities and launch new projects. The Bank has regularly extended short-term loans to many companies to replenish their working capital, finance foreign business operations, gain access to capital markets and benefit from all the advantages of factoring programs.

Financing solutions — Gazprombank’s advantages:

  • Gazprombank has established partnerships with major world financial institutions and leading national import-export agencies. Access to international capital markets helps Gazprombank’s customers attract considerable amounts of funding on convenient terms.
  • The Bank’s experienced project monitoring team (legal service, back office) enables turnkey client service delivery, with Gazprombank handling all legal and technical aspects of transactions.

Capital Markets

Gazprombank customers have wide opportunities to perform transactions on the capital market. 

On the one hand, the Bank's customers can raise funds for their business by issuing various instruments that are placed not only in Russia but also in international markets:

  • Debt instruments;
  • Share placements (IPO and SPO)
On the other hand, customers have the ability to manage free cash by investing in the stock market. Gazprombank cooperates with all leading trading floors of Russia, so the Bank's customers can execute transactions involving:
  • State securities;
  • Shares;
  • Corporate debt instruments (bonds, promissory notes and certificates of deposit).

For the convenience of customers, Gazprombank has developed the Information and Trading System GPB-i-trade, which allows for trading operations to be executed via the Internet. Regular reviews of the market and individual companies, which are prepared by the Research Department of Gazprombank, allow customers to constantly stay up to date and “keep their hand on the throttle”.  Gazprombank holds Professional securities market player license for brokerage activities No. 177-04229-100000 issued by the Federal Securities Commission of Russia on December 27, 2000. 

Contact information: 

+7 (495) 428-4930 


Over the years, Gazprombank has gained vast experience in lending to leading Russian companies and enterprises. This allows the Bank to assess the needs of its corporate customers as accurately as possible and offer loan products that are optimal both as regards their terms and interest rates. Gazprombank issues loans in rubles and foreign currency, including:

  • "Long" investment loans that can be used to purchase fixed assets, upgrade and overhaul production facilities, purchase or launch new business projects;
  • Short-term loans that allow companies to manage their liquidity, replenish working capital and bridge cash flow gaps.
  • Loans in the form of overdrafts are monetary funds provided by the Bank to the borrower by paying out settlement documents within the established overdraft limit if the Borrower’s settlement account shows insufficient funds or a zero balance.

The use of advanced lending technology allows Gazprombank to rapidly meet customer needs. The Bank’s borrowers include major companies operating in the gas industry, metals and mining, nuclear industry, electric utilities industry, as well as high-tech industries.


Factoring makes it possible to receive cash for goods delivered or services provided immediately after the goods are shipped or services are rendered, without waiting for payment from the buyer. No collateral is required.

Factoring services can be used both by suppliers and buyers.

Advantages of factoring for a supplier:

  • Reduction in the period of receivables turnover;
  • Optimization of financial flows planning and minimization of cash gaps;
  • Improvement of balance sheet indicators due to assignment of accounts receivable (in non-recourse factoring).

Advantages of factoring for a buyer:

  • Ability to increase the time frame for payment; 
  • Decrease in demand for working capital due to an increase in deferred payment; 
  • Increase in purchases.

Factoring in Russia is arranged and managed by the subsidiary company GPB-Factoring LLC.

Contact information: 

ADDRESS: 15-a, Leninsky prospect, Moscow, Russia
TELEPHONE: +7 (495) 789-9525

Syndicated Loans

A syndicated loan is a financial product when funding is extended to a borrower by a syndicate of banks. This allows a company to raise a considerable scope of funding on the most advantageous terms and expand its range of potential investors.

Given the way that a syndicated loan is arranged, the borrower saves significantly on costs compared to the case when several loans need to be taken out from different banks.

Contact information

+ 7 (495) 428-4625
+ 7 (495) 428-4930

Project and Structured Finance

Gazprombank offers its customers investment financing instruments to carry out capital-intensive projects.

The available banking products help customers develop their businesses through Internal growth of the companies (via project financing and investment lending) or by taking over existing businesses (М&A and LBO/MBO transactions; subordinated, quasi-equity financing, etc.).  The Bank can also provide advisory services on how to raise funds.

Gazprombank's highly professional team has deep industry expertise in key sectors of the economy and extensive experience in dealing with various market players, structuring transactions in view of market conditions, industry development trends, individual project features, their initiators and borrowers.

Gazprombank implements investment projects in a various sectors of the economy with a focus on key competitive advantages in the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, energy, metals and mining, engineering industries, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, real estate, etc.

The Bank has been a leader in Russia’s project finance market for many years.

Gazprombank's customers in the area of ​​project and structured financing include leading companies in the domestic economy. The Bank has extensive experience in dealing with major international financial institutions, including development banks and export credit agencies.

Gazprombank is an active participant in major projects for the Russian economy, as well as large international projects. The Bank’s investment projects have received awards and have been recognized as the best in the leading international and Russian ranking over two dozen times.

Bank products:

Project financing

Main loan purposes:

  • Construction of new industrial and manufacturing facilities;
  • Upgrade, expansion and reconstruction of existing enterprises;
  • Construction of residential and commercial property.

Investment lending

Main loan purposes: 

  • Upgrade, expansion and reconstruction of existing facilities;
  • Setup of new production facilities;
  • Refinancing of existing liabilities.

Structural financing

Main products:

  • Leveraged buyout (LBO/MBO) – financing the acquisition of a company with recourse against its assets;
  • Financing corporate takeovers (with recourse against the acquired assets);
  • Recapitalization and refinancing;
  • Subordinated and quasi-equity financing (loans with secondary recourse, mezzanine, loans to the parent companies of growing holding companies);
  • Hybrid financial instruments (convertible debt, financing against assignment of receivables under contracts, repurchase transactions, financial derivatives, etc.);
  • Complex financial solutions in order to implement the company’s development strategy, taking into account the shareholders’ additional needs and tasks.

Financial advisory

Fund raising services for debt capital projects

Advising on public-private partnerships for the purpose of:

  • Competitive selection and raising capital for the public sector;
  • Search for the best possible financial structure and raising capital for customers from the private sector.

You can fill in the form below and submit a business plan if you have a project for the Bank’s consideration.

Leasing is a unique financial instrument that allows an enterprise to upgrade and expand its production assets without significant diversion of in-house resources.

Gazprombank's leasing projects are carried out by Gazprombank Leasing, a company that provides a full range of leasing solutions, including:  
  • Financial leasing;
  • Operating leasing;
  • Leaseback;
  • Advisory/leasing project support.
Gazprombank Leasing offers major opportunities for companies from various sectors of the economy, through leasing: 
  • Oil and gas producing and processing equipment; 
  • Mining equipment;
  • Power engineering equipment;
  • Machine engineering and metalworking equipment;
  • Motor vehicles;
  • Rolling stock;
  • Industrial real estate facilities;
  • Construction and special equipment;
  • Marine and river vessels. 
Gazprombank Leasing sells both individual and universal leasing solutions.

You can see the product line on the company's website.

To check the terms and conditions of leasing services and fill out a leasing application, please visit the company's website.

Additional information can be obtained in the office of Gazprombank Leasing and in all branches of Gazprombank.

Gazprombank Leasing JSC 
6 Proektiruemy Proezd No. 4062, bldg. 16, Moscow, 15432
For further details, call:
+7 (495) 719-1396
+7 (495) 719-1397
ФАКС: +7 (495) 719-1398