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Gazprombank Launches a Large-Scale Educational ESG Program for its Employees

Moscow, January 27, 2022 — Gazprombank launched a multi-level educational program for sustainable development for its employees as part of which the first ESG workshop was held for the Bank executives. It was an online event with more than 150 participants, including Deputy Chairmen of the Management Board of the Bank, First Vice Presidents, Department Heads and Directors of the companies of Gazprombank Group.

The program of the educational event was prepared together with the New University League. During the workshop, the experts of the New Economic School, European University at St. Petersburg, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences spoke on the essential ESG-related matters that are becoming high-priority at the state level and are having a significant impact on business. Tatiana Mitrova, professor of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, a world-renowned energy expert, was invited as a guest speaker.

The participants of the workshop were able to learn about the history of ESG development in the world, including such applied aspects as the environmental certification, ESG ratings and non-financial reporting practices. Emphasis was put on the matters that are crucial for the financial sector: ESG risks analysis and consideration, green financing and other sustainable product lines, in particular, they discussed loans linked to the sustainable development goals, green deposits, green and social bonds. The most important part of the workshop included a number of sessions related to low-carbon economy and energy transition 4.0 technologies.

Alexey Matveev, Gazprombank’s Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development opened the workshop.

“Following the principles of sustainable development becomes an integral part of the long-term competitive power of any company, including financial houses. Many of our customers have already undertaken ESG commitments, and they expect their financial partners to follow the same principles. Today Gazprombank is an active participant of the green finance market, in particular RES projects, and the leader in arranging the issue of ESG bonds, having entered into the transactions totaling USD 3.2 bln equivalent. In order to ensure more efficient development in this area, it is necessary to strengthen the expertise within the Bank in a timely manner, and having set this ambitious goal for ourselves, we are launching the comprehensive educational program for our employees,” said Alexey Matveev emphasizing the important role of ESG matters for Gazprombank.

“The topics covered during the workshop are of great interest to the Bank and will become the basis for the development of its long-term strategy. Deep understanding of the specifics of the decarbonization technology is essential for Gazprombank, since many of our corporate customers are the representatives of carbon-intensive industries. Facilitation of their efficient green transformation and switching over to the sustainable business model is our current priority goal as part of the Russia’s 2050 Low-Carbon Strategy,” said Elena Borisenko, Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board of the Bank, Deputy Chairwoman of the Council for Sustainable Development, at the closure of the educational workshop.


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