Gazprom Group Signs Cooperation Agreements on Environmental Projects
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Gazprom Group Signs Cooperation Agreements on Environmental Projects with Statutory Company REO and VNII Ecology Research Institute

Moscow, 14 October 2020

Gazprombank, GPB Electronic Trading Platform, and the Statutory Company for the Formation of a Comprehensive Municipal Solid Waste Management System “Russian Environmental Operator” (SC REO) entered into a cooperation agreement aimed to advance municipal solid waste management in the Russian Federation.

The signatories were Gazprombank First Vice President Roman Panov, SC REO General Director Ilya Gudkov, and ETP GPB General Director Mikhail Konstantinov.

Furthermore, Gazprombank and the Federal Research Institute for Environmental Protection (VNII Ecology) signed an agreement on cooperation towards the development of programs under the Environment National Project, promotion of environmental impact assessment expertise and environmental responsibility in the Russian Federation.

The document was signed by Gazprombank First Vice President Roman Panov and VNII Ecology Director Ivan Starikov.

The signing of both agreements took place within the framework of the 3rd annual Industrial Ecology conference organized by The Vedomosti business newspaper, with Gazprombank participating as Strategic Partner.

The parties agreed to extensively coordinate their work on environmental projects, in particular via implementation of programs envisaged under the Environment National Project as well as investment projects aimed to introduce best available technologies at production facilities with significant negative impact on the environment.

“The demand for financial instruments tied to sustainability principles is very high. The world’s largest companies are currently driving this process. The documents that we signed today will enable the Bank to scale up its activities by investing in bankable environmental projects and will also ensure that potential projects are subject to independent environmental impact assessment of professional quality,” Roman Panov commented.

“We see great potential in our cooperation. Gazprombank has pooled together a team of professionals in the area of project structuring and PPP. Bearing in mind the availability of a workable federal waste management framework, this will add momentum to new project launches. One of the primary goals that we identified with our Gazprombank colleagues is to create an investment showcase that will introduce investors to promising projects in the most comfortable way,” Ilya Gudkov, SC REO General Director, pointed out.

“Building a comprehensive MSW management system is among the priorities of the Environment National Project. In cooperation with SC REO, GPB Electronic Trading Platform is willing to share our experience, competences and digital tools to make investment projects more efficient. Execution of the agreement is a crucial step in establishing constructive dialogue between the stakeholders. We are determined to work effectively to address the issue of national importance: building an MSW management system,” Mikhail Konstantinov, ETP GPB General Director said.


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