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Information and services for
the program "Concierge Service"

About services

Granting the right of access to information and service services under the program "Concierge - Service"

The concierge service of International SOS will help the holder to organize leisure, travel, leisure, housekeeping and personal property, will open up access to unlimited opportunities and help make life more rich and interesting.

Employees of the Concierge Service provide a quick and professional solution to any problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, and an individual approach to each card holder guarantees a high quality of service.

The concierge service takes into account the tastes and preferences of cardholders and offers only those solutions that perfectly match the lifestyle of the holder.

Holders of Gazprombank-Aeroflot cards of all categories, Gazprombank-Travel Miles cards, as well as holders of Platinum Bank cards, holders of Visa Platinum cards "Gazprombank Premium" / Mastercard Platinum "Gazprombank Premium", the service is provided automatically without charging connection fees.

Concierge service company International SOS performs many functions. Here are just a few examples of the services that this service will provide the holder:

  • will provide information on the schedule of flights of airplanes and trains in the right direction and prices for the specified modes of transport, will select connecting flights that will satisfy the requests of the card holder, book a ticket;
  • will provide information about hotels in the right region and prices for rooms. Upon request, if possible, International SOS will book a room. The service is provided around the world;
  • will provide information and will reserve seats in the selected restaurant;
  • will provide information on the class of cars and their availability at the box office in various companies specializing in car rentals; organizes car rental;
  • will provide information on the date, time and place of sports or cultural events in the region, information about the price and availability of tickets, addresses and phone numbers of the cashier; On request, will redeem and deliver the ticket;
  • will provide information about sports clubs, beauty salons, golf clubs, tourist excursions in the right region (prices, conditions, time and place of events, etc.);
  • will provide information on the translation bureau, arrange for the translation of documents, and also help translate oral information into English, French or German;
  • will show assistance in organizing a conference call, renting office equipment (for example, a computer, a fax, a telephone, etc.); will consult about the norms of business ethics in this region; will provide information on quotations of currencies and major stock indices;
  • will assist with the loss of important documents necessary for completing the trip (passport, credit cards, etc.), providing recommendations for the restoration or replacement of these documents;
  • organizes the delivery of documents and things to the region specified by the card holder;
  • organizes the purchase and delivery of gifts to the addressee;
  • in an emergency situation will help to transmit an urgent message to his family or colleagues;
  • will provide information on the availability of the drug requested by the card holder in the pharmacy network and its approximate cost, as well as addresses and phone numbers of pharmacies in which the drug is available;
  • in the event that the car can not continue driving as a result of a breakdown or an accident, International SOS will arrange a call to the relevant service for car repairs. In the event that the car requires evacuation, International SOS will arrange for the evacuation of the vehicle to the nearest service station. The service is available in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • will assist in organizing small events (birthday, etc.) by searching and reserving a suitable place or service agency. The service is available in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • International SOS organizes an emergency departure of the master (electrician, plumber, locksmith) home to fix the problem or provide information about special services and prices for their services. The service is available in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In order to organize a trip, the International SOS Concierge Service will provide the following information:

  • The list of vaccinations required or recommended for stay in the region;
  • instructions for obtaining a visa for a given country and the corresponding requirements for its registration. Addresses and telephone numbers of consulates and embassies;
  • a description of the characteristics of a given country / region, for example, cultural characteristics, level of medical care, safety and precautions, network tension, organization of public transport, etc .;
  • security measures recommended by the government, and other aspects of their own security;
  • weather forecast for this region.

All services of third-party companies, organized by the Concierge Service, are paid at the expense of the holder of the bank card.


International SOS Coordination Center: 

+7 (499) 500-44-20
(direct Moscow number)

8 (800) 200-80-06
(free call in the territory of the Russian Federation)

24-hour support service: 

+7 (495) 980-41-41 

+7 (495) 913-79-99

8 (800) 100-00-89

(free call in Russia) 

Dedicated telephone hotline for customers serviced in the format "Gazprombank Premium":
8 (800) 719-19-11