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Depository Services

Gazprombank’s clients can conduct all types of depository transactions with securities that are accounted for in the Bank’s Depository network. Advanced technology allows securities to be quickly transferred to Moscow or between regions, and to receive reports and statistical information on all transactions in any depositary.

Depository subdivisions of Gazprombank offer clients a wide range of depository services to perform credit and pledge, REPO, brokerage, dealer and other transactions, and to provide securities owners an opportunity to earn additional income. Gazprombank takes measures to eliminate risk for clients when performing securities’ transactions.

Depository Center of Gazprombank is the largest in the Russian depositary services market and has the highest reliability rating (AAA). Depository network of Gazprombank is unique within Russia in terms of the number of serviced shareholders and the number of affiliated regional depositories. All of the Depository Center’s resources and facilities work for the benefit of our clients who may utilize our state-of-the-art services almost everywhere in the country. Depository of Gazprombank has been operating since 1994 and is currently the leader among Russia’s major custody depositories.

Advantages of Gazprombank’s Depository: 

  • The high technological level of the Depository allows security sales transactions to be conducted within the shortest possible time.
  • Depository of Gazprombank interacts with settlement depositories catering for trade organizers and international clearing centers to enable security sales on all Russian stock exchanges.
  • Gazprombank offers its clients a full spectrum of depository services to conduct credit, pledge, REPO, brokerage and dealer transactions.
  • The Bank’s extensive Depository network enables a vast range of depository services to be delivered to clients nationwide.

Depository Center address: 115419, Moscow, 2nd Verkhny Mikhailovsky Passage, b. 9, s. 2.

Telephone contact information:  (495) 913-74-74 

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