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Project and Structured Finance

Gazprombank offers its clients the instruments for investment financing to implement capital-intensive projects.

We offer banking products that contribute to the development of clients’ business, both through the growth of companies (Project Finance and Investment Loans), and through the acquisition of existing businesses (M&A, LBO/MBO, subordinated, quasi-equity financing etc.). Also, we provide the Advisory services to obtain financing.

A highly professional team of Gazprombank has deep industry expertise in key sectors and has extensive experience with various market participants, carries out structuring of transactions taking into account market conditions, sector trends of development, the individual characteristics of projects, sponsors and borrowers.

Gazprombank implements investment projects in a wide range of sectors of the economy with concentration of the main competitive advantages in the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, energy, mining and metallurgical, machine-building industries, in the sectors of agriculture, infrastructure, transport, real estate etc. 

Gazprombank has been one of the leaders of the Russian market of project finance for many years. It became one of the global leaders in 2016, according to the published rankings of the leading international publishers in the fields of financing of investment projects. 

Gazprombank shared 3rd place in the category ‘Global Advisories Closed’ according to Project Finance International, 2nd-5th places as a Financial Adviser in the Infrastructure Finance League Tables of IJGlobal. 

The Bank is 2nd place as the CIS Mandated Arranger in the EMEA Syndicated Loan Ranking by Dealogic. It has been awarded as the Best Investor in 2016 by Rosinfra.

Clients of Gazprombank in the field of Project and Structured Finance are the leaders of the Russian economy. The Bank has extensive experience with major international financial institutions, including development banks and export credit agencies.

Gazprombank is an active participant in the most important projects in the Russian, as well as large international projects. The investment projects of Gazprombank have been awarded and recognized as the best ones in the leading international and Russian rankings more than two dozen times.

Banking products:

Project Finance

Main loan purposes

  •   construction of new industrial and manufacturing facilities
  •   upgrade, expansion and reconstruction of existing enterprises
  •   construction of homes and commercial property

Main sectors

  •   industry (oil and gas, gas production and processing, steel, chemical, consumer goods, food industry etc.) 
  •   electricity and heat power generation industry
  •   real estate and construction
  •   agriculture
  •   services
  •   infrastructure and transport
  •   communications
  •   space industry
  •   housing and utilities services 

Investment Loans

Main loan purposes

  •   upgrade, expansion and reconstruction of existing enterprises
  •   new producing units construction
  •   refinancing of existing liabilities

Main sectors

  •   industry 
  •   commercial real estate  
  •   agriculture
  •   electricity and heat power generation 
  •   communications

Structured Finance

Main products

  •   leveraged buyout (LBO/MBO) – financing of the company’s acquisition with recourse against its assets
  •   financing of corporate acquisitions  (with recourse against the acquired asset)
  •   recapitalization and refinancing
  •   subordinated and quasi equity financing  (loans with secondary recourse, mezzanine, loans to the parent  companies of growing holding companies)
  •   bridge loans
  •   hybrid financial instruments (convertible debt, financing against assignment of receivables under the contract, repurchase transactions, financial derivatives etc.) 
  •   complex financial solutions in order to implement the company’s development strategy, taking into account the shareholders’ additional needs and tasks

Financial Advisory

  •   Project's debt capital raising services
  •   Advising on the issues of public-private partnerships for the purposes of:
            - competitive selection and raising of capital for the public sector
            - search for an optimal financial structure and raising capital for customers from the private sector

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Project and Structured Finance Department’s telephone numbers: +7 (495) 980-41-28, 980-43-91.

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