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Energy and Infrastructure

  • Northern Capital Highway OJSC

    Northern Capital Highway OJSC

    Company Profile

    Northern Capital Highway OJSC implements construction of the Central section of the Western High Speed Diameter highway in St. Petersburg with the future operation and maintenance of the entire road on toll basis. The project is being developed in accordance with the terms of a 30-year public-private partnership agreement. Total length of the Western High Speed Diameter highway – 46.6 km, the Central sections’ length – 11.5 km. The project of the Central section includes a unique cable-stayed bridge across the Gulf of Finland.

    Gazprombank's Role

    The Bank is one of the shareholders of the company with a share of 41.5%. The Bank monitors the progress of the project and participates in key decisions through the Board of Directors of Northern Capital Highway OJSC. With the Bank as a shareholder, the company won an open tender for the project in 2011, entered into a public-private partnership with the Government of St. Petersburg and raised debt financing from a consortium of Russian and foreign banks in 2012.

  • Bionet OJSC

    Bionet OJSC

    Company Profile
    Bionet OJSC implements the project of construction and future operation of a plant for the production of fuel pellets from hydrolytic lignin with a total capacity of 150,000 tons per year. The production will be located in Onega, Arkhangelsk region, on the former site of hydrolysis plant and will be one of the largest in Russia. Industrial pellets are planned for export to the Western European countries to large industrial customers for use as fuel in heat and power production.
    Gazprombank's Role

    Gazprombank is a main lender of the company, as well as shareholder with a share of 60%. The Bank monitors the progress of the project and makes key decisions through participation in the Board of Directors of Bionet OJSC.

  • Energie du Porcien SAS

    Energie du Porcien SAS

    Company Profile
    Energie du Porcien SAS is owner and operator of two windfarms with a total capacity of 39 MW in France, Ardennes – Champagne. The wind farms were successfully commissioned at the end of 2011.
    Gazprombank's Role

    The Bank is one of the shareholders of Energy du Porcien SAS with a share of 21.74%. The Bank participates in operational and strategic management of the company and has a casting vote on all key issues of the company.


    Company Profile
    The company is Russia’s largest distribution company whose share in the electric power transmission services market (net electricity supply) of the Moscow region is more than 70%. The main types of the company’s activities are the provision of electric power transmission services and technological connection of consumers to power grinds in Moscow and Moscow region. The company provides services to more than 17 million customers in an area of 46.9 thousand square kilometers. The total length of overhead power transmission lines is 66.7 thousand km with the length of cable power transmission lines totaling 72.3 thousand km.
    Gazprombank's Role

    The Bank became a shareholder of MOESK as a result of Mosenergo restructuring that took place in 2005. With the direct involvement of the Bank, in 2008 MOESK was reorganised with Moscow City Distribution Company (MGESK) merging with it which enabled the creation of the largest distribution company in the Moscow region.

    To date, the Bank’s representatives actively participate in the work of MOESK's Board of Directors and dedicated committees (Strategy & Development Committee, Technological Connection Committee, Reliability Committee, etc.) providing necessary expertise in strategic matters.

  • GBP-Energoeffect

    Company Profile
    The energy service company provides a package of services to increase energy efficiency of industrial and municipal clients. The company’s core competencies – turn-key development and implementation of complex energy service programs and projects, including technical and financial support.
    Introduction of proven modern energy efficient technologies results for the clients in substantial reduction in energy related costs. The proposed investment structuring allows company's clients to implement projects with no additional burden on clients’ balance sheet.  In addition, GPB-Energoeffect can arrange the investments required for the projects.
    The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals ready to develop dedicated solutions to satisfy versatile client needs. The portfolio of implemented projects comprises contracts for renovation of boiler-houses, district and industrial lighting, CHP development, etc. 
    Gazprombank's Role

    The company is a part of the Gazprombank Group. Close interaction with Gazprombank allows GBP-Energoeffect to apply flexible approaches to financing energy efficient programs.

    Gazprombank’s gained experience and best practice in the field of project financing, utilized by GPB-Energoeffect, is a considerable competitive advantage.

    Cooperation with the Gazprombank extensive regional network allows GBP-Energoeffect to deal with clients throughout Russia and to provide a full package of services: from initial technical solution to financing, implementation and maintenance.

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