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  • Speech Technology Center (STC LLC)

    Company Profile

    The company is the leader in the Russian speech technology services market, first of all, in the area of voice recognition and synthesis, and one of leading global players of the emerging speech biometrics market. Besides that, STC is a major Russian manufacturer of high-quality speech recording equipment.

    In the recording equipment segment, which is traditional for it, STC is represented by an established and reputable product portfolio:

    • Multi-channel call detail and voice message recording systems;
    • Professional voice recorders;
    • Military-oriented and special purpose equipment.
    • STC’s biometrical solutions represent complex hardware and software suites detecting and identifying human voice using biometric personal characteristics (voice, face, fingerprints), including:
      - Systems automatically identifying persons by voice, face and fingerprints;
      - Expert systems designed to test biometrical samples (digital capture, transcription, visualisation, speech phonogram comparison, etc).

    STC’s speech technology line represents a set of finished products and standalone technology linked to the intellectual processing of speech information:

    • Voice detection and synthesis;
    • Voice data analysis – searching for specific sound fragments in sonic flows, phonograms and recorded files (voice mining)
    Gazprombank's Role
    Assisting in developing relations with new major clients (Rostelecom, Megafon and similar);
    Supporting events aimed at approaching new product (multimodal biometrics) and geographical (USA, Canada, Middle East) markets.
  • Gazprom-Media

    Company Profile

    Gazprombank owns 100% of Gazprom-Media, the largest media holding in Russia. Gazprom-Media’s key assets include:

    • NTV and TNT, two leading national TV networks;
    • NTV-Plus, a satellite pay-TV operator;
    • 7 Days, a major publishing house.
    Gazprombank's Role
    The Bank’s main objective is to ensure constant profitable growth of the holding’s main operating companies through board membership, investment advice, etc.
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