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Precious Metals Trading

Gazprombank is one of the most active participants on the precious metals market. In 2008 alone, the Bank bought 18.1 tons of precious metals in the gold equivalent (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) from mining and processing companies, 1.3 times higher than the previous year.  The Bank offers its clients the following services on the precious metals market:

  • Financing (short- and long-term) of precious metals mining and processing companies, including loans in precious metals.
  • Precious metals trading: real-time purchases and sales based on the London precious metals market prices, commission and export transactions, market risk hedging operations.
  • Unallocated metal accounts for corporations: purchase and sale of precious metals via unallocated metal accounts.

Contact information: Commodities Department,  (495) 980-41-73 ,  (495) 980-41-30 

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