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Debt financing

Gazprombank offers a wide range of debt financing services to its clients. The Bank annually places tens of billions of rubles through a variety of debt instruments. According to Kommersant, Gazprombank was the absolute leader among Russian financiers from 2006 to 2008 for ruble corporate bonds, both in terms of the number of issues (64) and the total amount (over RUR186 billion).

Gazprombank offers the following services to issuers:

  • issuance of ruble corporate bonds;
  • issuance of ruble stock bonds;
  • issuance of ruble bank bonds;
  • issuance of ruble bonds for Russian Federation constituencies and municipal entities; and
  • issuance of CLN/LPN Eurobonds denominated in Russian rubles or a foreign currency.

With its extensive expertise in preparing and placing various debt instruments, Gazprombank offers issuers the best solutions for structuring debt issue:

  • nominal issue amount/issuance program;
  • maturity of debt instruments;
  • coupon period;
  • coupon type (fixed, variable);
  • availability of put and call options; and
  • sinking fund.

Implementation of Gazprombank recommendations will help issuers to reach broader investor base and to further reduce costs of borrowing.

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