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Foreign Trade Financing

Export Financing
Gazprombank develops and implements short-term and medium-term financing arrangements for companies in export-oriented businesses. Financing for specific export trade contracts can be arranged prior to or after shipments. The bank has signed agreements on opening of a pre-export credit line with a number of leading foreign banks.
Participation of interested foreign banks ensures relatively low-cost financing for Gazprombank’s clients.

Import financing
Gazprombank implements short-term funding for clients. import transactions by financing advance payments and opening clean letters of credit (including those that provide for payments on a deferred basis). In addition, Gazprombank provides financial services to cover imports of food products including raw sugar.
Medium termfinancing for import contracts is also provided by attracting the largest national export insurance agencies – EximBank (USA), Hermes (Germany), COFACE (France), and KUKE (Poland).

Structuring foreign trade operations

Gazprombank specialists:

  • Consult Gazprombank’s clients in the field of foreign trade activity and international settlements;
  • Optimize settlement schemes for foreign trade contracts; minimize client expenses and risks;
  • Render assistance in negotiating contract terms.

Telephone contact: (495) 913-74-74

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