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Corporate Treasury

Corporate Treasury is a service, based on the electronic banking system of Gazprombank, that designates a set of information-based instruments for quick control and management of cash flows, exchange of information and financial flows with a centralized management decision making process.

This service has various levels of application, depending on the required extent of decentralization of treasury functions, as well as current management and financial needs of the customer:

- Transaction monitoring
Real time access by the parent company to all (or a selected part of) payment transactions of the group, i.e. monitoring of all payment documents of the group, operational information on payments, cash flow control and quick management decision making for the purpose of their adjustment.  

- Authorization
Authorization of payment documents represents an additional function, allowing the parent company of the group to make (in real-time mode) a decision regarding execution/rejection of a current payment by a company’s branch or subsidiary. Flexible settings of the system allows to adjust automatic or semi-automatic mode of decision making with specified criteria, for example in accordance with the approved limits of the budgeted expenditures.

- Budget control by the Client
Besides adjustment of financial flows and management of the Group's current liquidity, Budget control allows controlling compliance with the Client’s budgetary constraints. The Customer is able to manage the structure of the budget’s items and limits, accessible by all members of the group in real time mode.   Information support system of Corporate Treasury service allows producing statements with planned/actual indicators of the budget in a form convenient to the Client and on the basis of reliable data.


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