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Electronic banking

With electronic banking you can have access to a large array of banking services around the clock without the burdens of  physical presence and paper document management.

All it requires is the installation of our secured software on your computer system, and you can then :
-  Obtain real-time balances, statements and transactions of your bank accounts
- Make and receive payments to and from accounts in Russian banks and abroad
- Make immediate transfers between your accounts
- Save money on electronic payments
- Receive account transactions with full payment details upon simple request
- Decide to give access to multiple users
- Benefit from the telephone support of a dedicated helpdesk
- Speed up the treatment of free format electronic documents, messages or files with electronic digital signature
- Export-import files related to your accounts

Gazprombank pays special attention to the safety of transactions, and therefore uses the newest available technical tools to secure confidentiality and integrity of information transferred with our Electronic banking system. Safety considerations and Federal regulation may impose for the moment some restrictions to the use of these tools abroad.

With the addition of the expanded functionality option, you can also have electronic access to Corporatye Treasury services such as transactions monitoring transactions authorization, budget limits

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