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Syndicated Loans

Syndicated loans are a financial instrument where funds are provided to the borrower by a bank syndicate.
The flexibility of this type of financing allows it to be used to fund any projects of the borrower in accordance with the project requirements.
A syndicated loan enables a company to attract substantial funding on most favorable terms and provides access to a broader base of potential investors.
A syndicated loan helps the borrower combine the advantages of public financing with a customized approach to determine loan parameters. Syndicated lending also reduces organization costs versus obtaining several loans from different banks.
Gazprombank has extensive experience in syndicated financing in Russia and the CIS countries.
Gazprombank’s professional team will structure the transaction, set up a syndicate of creditor banks, prepare all requisite documents and make loan funds available to borrowers as well as provide other agency services.

Telephone contact information: (495) 428-46-25, (495) 428-49-30, (495) 983-18-79

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