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Factoring is a financial service delivered by the Bank to its clients in exchange for cession of accounts receivable, permitting companies operating on deferred payments terms to receive funds prior to customer payment for contracted goods and services.

Factoring advantages:

  • faster turnover of accounts receivable;
  • ability to obtain financing without securing liabilities by a material pledge;
  • more efficient management of accounts receivable;
  • attraction of new clients and development of new markets due to the provided grace period for payment;
  • additional ability to optimize cash flow planning.

Standard financing provision terms:

  • financing currency: ruble;
  • financing for up to 90% of the delivery amount within three banking days of the date on which primary documents are submitted;
  • more detailed factoring terms are determined depending on the client’s financial standing, diversification and quality of the ceded accounts receivable, credit history and other conditions;
  • financing for deliveries yet to be paid for;
  • deferred payment between the supplier and the customer of up to 90 days.

 Factoring fee structure:

  • financing fee;
  • fixed fee for document processing.

Telephone contact information: +7 (495) 428-49-41, (495) 428-50-27,
fax: (495) 238-46-22

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