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Through the years, Gazprombank has gained considerable experience in lending to Russia’s leading enterprises. The Bank can effectively meet the needs of its corporate clients and offer perfectly timed credit products at the best rates. Gazprombank extends loans in rubles and foreign currencies, including:

  • Long-term investment loans may be granted to acquire fixed assets, reequip and upgrade production facilities, purchase or launch new business projects;
  • Short-terms loans help companies manage liquidity, replenish current assets and bridge cash gaps.
  • Loans in the form of overdraft, i.e. a loan is automatically issued within a set limit in case of shortage or absence of funds in a client’s clearing (current) account, for the purpose of making payments against documents received.

The application of advanced lending technologies enables Gazprombank to rapidly respond to its clients’ needs. Gazprombank’s borrowers include major companies in the gas, metallurgy, nuclear, power, and high-tech industries.

Telephone contact information: +7 (495) 428-49-30, (495) 983-18-79

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