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Trade Finance

Gazprombank offers a wide range of Trade Finance products for corporate clients.

One of the main defining features of Trade Finance is its “tied” nature, i.e. a loan or credit is “tied” to a trade contract. Another characteristic feature is the competitive financing costs due to the inherently lower-risk nature of Trade Finance and/or funding from foreign banks.

Guarantees against counter-guarantees:
- Issuance of guarantees against Gazprombank’s counter-guarantees. At request of its clients, Gazprombank acts as counter-guarantor and organizes issuance of correspondent banks’ guarantees in favor of its clients’ counterparties under contracts and tenders;
- Issuance of Gazprombank’s guarantees against correspondent banks’ counter-guarantees. Guarantees are issued in favor of Gazprombank’s clients, whereas their counterparties under contracts or tenders act as principals.

Products for importers: 
- Issuance of import Letters of Credit (L/Cs), including Stand-By Letters of Credit (SBLCs), confirmed by a foreign bank. At request of its clients, Gazprombank issues L/Cs in favor of their foreign counterparties and organizes confirmation of said L/Cs by its correspondent banks acceptable to the beneficiaries.
- Short- and medium-term financing (with tenor of up to 5 years) of clients’ imports via deferred payment L/Cs with discounting or L/Cs with post-financing. Financing tenor depends on the type of imported goods and the transaction amount. 
- Medium- and long-term loans covered by export credit agencies (ECA Finance). Gazprombank organizes financing of its clients’ imports of industrial equipment with repayment tenors up to 12 years (depending on the imported goods). Long-term financing is made available by foreign lenders thanks to their risks being insured by leading national ECAs, such as Euler Hermes (Germany), Bpifrance (France), SACE (Italy), OeKB (Austria), Sinosure and Eximbank of China (China), etc.

Products for exporters:
- Pre-export financing (with repayment tenor of up to 1-2 years) of clients’ export contracts*;
- Confirmation of export L/Cs, including SBLCs, issued by foreign correspondent banks in favor of Gazprombank’s clients*;
- Post-financing of export L/Cs issued in favor of Gazprombank’s clients. Financing is provided to banks issuing the L/Cs within documentary credit limits established by Gazprombank*;
- Discounting of clients’ documents (forfaiting) under export L/Cs via a foreign financing bank (or forfaiting company). Financing is subject to acceptability of the risks of the issuing bank to the financing bank / forfaiter. Participation of a foreign financing bank ensures compliance with the Russian currency law;
- Medium- and long-term “tied” export loans to the Russian exporter, foreign importer, importer’s bank, or foreign government*.

* Export Trade Finance products may be structured with direct risk on the borrower as well as with EXIAR insurance cover. Other official export support structures may also be applied. Such instruments of government export support often make it possible for Gazprombank to offer more competitive pricing terms and longer financing tenors, in particular for exports of Russian goods and services to emerging markets.

For more detailed information, please contact our Trade Finance team, tel. +7 (495) 913-73-24; +7 (495) 719-16-93

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