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Letters of Credit

Documentary credits are the most effective and secure payment methods in international trade for both parties of commercial transaction (contract).

Gazprombank provides a wide range of services related to documentary credits (including standby letters of credits), handles sophisticated and complex structured transactions by using letters of credit as trade finance instruments which allows to finance foreign trade contracts of our clients, including financing by the aid of foreign banks’ participation. 

In regard to documentary credits Gazprombank: 
  • issues and acts as nominated bank under letters of credit of any form, type and structure, in both foreign currency and Russian rubles;
  • issues letters of credit with or without cash collateral (in the framework of the documentary credit limit); 
  • advises to clients letters of credit and amendments thereto with or without adding confirmation; 
  • offer consultations on preparing documents for payment under letters of credit issued by other issuing banks and monitors payments;
  • handles letters of credit, including documents examination, effects payments under letters of credit issued and claims payment under letters of credit advised, collects proceeds from the foreign banks; 
  • transfers letters of credit; 
  • assigns proceeds under letters of credit; 
  • provides other services, including drafting payment terms for clients contracts, preparing letter of credit drafts for negotiation with their counterparty.
Procedure for issuance of documentary credit without cash collateral is similar to the procedure of approval of credit request. 

Bank GPB (JSC) can also offer its corporate clients to set up a documentary credit line (limit).

For more detailed information please contact us at (495) 913-74-27, 913-73-65, 428-51-56.  

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