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Bank guarantees

Bank guarantee is one of the most popular instruments to ensure proper performance of obligations due to its reliability and flexibility.

Gazprombank issues a wide range of guarantees compliant with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and international banking practices, such as: 
  • Performance guarantees; 
  • Payment guarantees; 
  • Advance payment guarantees; 
  • Customs guarantees; 
  • Tax guarantees; 
  • Bid bonds (tender guarantees); 
  • Loan Guarantees; 
  • Share payment guarantees; 
  • Guarantees issued as security in legal actions/claims; 
  • Other types of guarantee obligations.
Gazprombank also processes guarantees issued by other banks: advises guarantees issued by Russian and foreign banks to the beneficiaries; certifies authenticity of signatures on guarantees issued by other banks upon request of a customer and claims payments from guarantor banks upon the beneficiary’s request.

Applications for guarantees which are not 100% covered by cash are subject to the GPB standard credit approval process.

For 100% cash-covered bank guarantees Bank GPB (JSC) offers a streamlined issuing procedure.

Bank GPB (JSC) can also offer its corporate clients to set up a documentary credit line (limit).

Issuance fees are set on a case by case basis depending on transaction risk assessment (guarantee type; guarantee term and amount; collateral amount and its liquidity; etc.).

On all matters concerning bank guarantees (including requests to confirm a bank guarantee issued by Bank GPB (JCS) or its branch office) please contact: 
- Documentary Business and Trade Finance Department: (495) 719-65-28, 988-23-03, 428-51-56;
- Gazprombank Call center: (495) 913-74-74, 980-43-13 и 8(800) 100-00-89.

In case a written confirmation of a bank guarantee issue is required please address your letter of inquiry to Bank GPB (JSC) Head Office or to the correspondent branch office.

Bank’s rates & charges (re. Section 7.2).

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