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Documentary Operations and Trade Finance

Do you want to feel confident that your interests in business transactions are safeguarded? Then use the services offered by the Bank. 

Contract obligations (e.g. return of an advance payment, payment under a contract and its execution, etc.) as well as other client obligations to their contractors and government entities (including customs and tax authorities) can be secured by a bank guarantee. Obligations to a non-resident of Russian Federation can also be secured by a standby letter of credit. Independently or in combination with a guarantee, you can use secure methods of settlements: documentary credits and documentary collections.

It is international recognition and impeсcable reputation of Bank GPB (JSC) that allows for our 'direct' obligations (guarantees and letters of credit) to be accepted by foreign beneficiaries, which consequently also significantly reduces service costs for our clients. At the same time, through our correspondent banking relationships (Bank GPB (JSC) has established documentary credit lines (limits) with a vast majority of foreign banks) and considerable experience we are able to render a comprehensive service to our clients in obtaining bank guarantees of foreign banks or foreign banks' confirmation to Bank GPB (JSC) letters of credit.   

Gazprombank handles trade finance transactions, particularly by using letters of credit and collections as trade finance instruments. 

We offer clients our help in better structuring transactions, selecting the optimal method for settlement and security of contractual obligations and drafting contract payment terms. Gazprombank’s legal support and professional advice are all complimentary. 

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